Portfolio Samples

Enjoy this sampling of successful marketing programs and a preview of the success you could enjoy working with Crimson Lion.

Email Marketing
$1,485,000 Revenue

Traditionally, my company experienced a drop in enrollments in the months of January, February, March and August. I was charged with designing and executing an email marketing campaign to drive enrollments during these months. After studying our audience, I designed a campaign targeted to their needs – whether it was finishing up studies for dormant students, adding credentials for graduates, or starting studies for prospects. Each audience was sent a very targeted message to their area of work or study – no two audiences received the same message.

This wound up being a campaign with 12 segments and 12 messages. The campaign ran January through March and generated over 2,200 registrations, equaling over $1,250,000 in revenue. The August campaign generated over 300 registrations and over $175,000 in revenue.

The entire campaign generated over $1,425,000 in revenue through the low cost channel of email, and was directed at an inactive, dormant audience – and audience we most likely would not have seen any, or very limited, revenue from in that year.

Sample emails from this campaign. I completed all writing and design.


Campaign Scheduling, Marketing Reports, and Market Research
$25,000 Revenue

At the end of the year we usually suspended course marketing in favor of a multi-week lead generation campaign. The reasoning was around the holiday season and end-of-year activities people would not enroll in courses.

I started to notice we experienced purchasing slumps across the four products I managed at different times of the year. I wondered if this was a natural slump this could be the time to run a lead generation campaign – and that we could actually generate more leads in a slump, and generate more revenue at the end of the year when campaigns were suspended.

Upon completing an analysis I learned we were costing ourselves almost $25,000 in revenue for one product line alone by suspending course marketing at the end of the year, and that we could generate that income, and more, in November and December, and run the lead generation campaign in August, when we traditionally generated $3,000 in revenue. One strong, qualified lead alone would replace the lost revenue in August.

I recommended shifting all of our product marketing calendars to align with their seasonality patterns I uncovered. This resulted in increased enrollments at the end of the year, and increased leads at other times of the year – without those leads coming at the expense of revenue.


Audience Research, Product Development, and Market Research
29% Increase in Sales

As a product manager my job was to offer products that were relevant, timely, and priced appropriately. In order to complete this successfully I created a consistent method of surveying our customers and prospects, as well as a controlled method of collecting feedback from course instructors and our sales team. After receiving this data I would analyze the data, spot trends, find opportunities, and understand shortfalls.

When an analysis was complete I would develop recommendations and action steps for our department including course content, course development, marketing messages, sales messages, and course moderation.

By completing these studies I was able to keep all five products lines I managed in an upward trend for sales from 2009-2016, with a group average year over year growth of 29%.

Sample landing pages for two continuing education courses. I completed all writing and led product development:


Purchasing Analysis and Marketing Reports
70% Increase in Sales

When enrollments dropped suddenly for a product line I completed a purchasing analysis. This included a look at the past calendar year enrollments and the behavior of the customers during that year. I then looked at the current calendar year to date to uncover any changes in the two years.

After reviewing the patterns, trends, and exceptions I developed an action plan to bolster sales that included four tasks to complete immediately, and six to complete in the future.

In the six months after my analysis and the tasks were completed registrations increased 70%.


Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and Content Generation
331% Increase in Leads

To foster lead generation results I developed a White Paper for the Accounts Payable audience that focused on tax form 1099.  The AP audience must file all 1099 forms by January 31. This can be a very burdensome process, especially when they do not have all the information required from vendors to file the forms. I sourced all the information myself, wrote the paper, and had it verified by a CPA prior to publication and distribution.

The White Paper was titled “Easing the Burden of the 1099 Process” and included information on when payees are reportable, tips to get the required information, steps to take with an uncooperative vendor. This was all in a quick-read 1 page format.

Our leads from this White Paper were increased by 331% over our average leads per typical, non-whitepaper lead generation effort.

Samples from this campaign. I completed all writing and email design.


Branding, Market Research, and Product Development

I spearheaded the branding and development of two educational products for insurance professionals. This included a competitive study, confirmation of the need for the product, work with graphic designers on a brand and consistency between the new product and our corporate logo and marketing efforts.

One product entered a crowded space as a newcomer with many well-known products already existing. I discovered the exam-prep area was missing an interactive, video based product that could be completed at work or at home. This product did not require time out of the office or travel.

A brand name was developed and the differentiator of an at-home or office interactive review program was highlighted. This product was launched and enjoyed above break even sales in the first year of existence.

The second product was similar to the first; it was an interactive, video-based classroom in a box program that allowed agencies to conduct certificate and designation courses in their offices without a professor coming to them, or a group traveling to us for courses. This was a cost-effective way for students to complete their studies and opened new markets for us.

Again, a brand name was developed and the convenience, credibility, and cost-effectiveness of the program were marketed. This product launched to overwhelming success beating all sales goals in the first quarter it was on the market.

Sample landing pages for two continuing education courses. I completed all writing and led product development: